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Help me.

My name is K. Thilini Kawshalya. My school is Mr /methodist c.c. Mygmail address is But i have no computer at my home.I wish i had a computer with me,I could have learned Ict much more what at present.

Anyway I involve in Ict. We have run short of computers in the school computer lap,they have been installed in 2003 now they all outdated.

If you want contact me, you can do it via my teacher. his email address is


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my self

my name is kumaraga thilini  kawshalya.  im grade six  my  school is  mr/ methodist sentral  collage.  my village is kongala. my best frined is  raveena.  i am eleven  years old.  myfavourite  subject is  english.  my computer clase  sir name  is wasantha. my food is mango.  my favourite colour is pink.  my mother name is  mallika.  my father name is favorite  drink is faluda .myambition to be docter.

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