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Joyce Kilmer

Joyce Kilmer was an  amarica poest. He was also a journalist,literary critic, lecturer and on editor. He wos a prolific poet. Who celebrated the common beauas well as well  as his religious faith.His best know work is the poem ”Trees”.


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Help me.

My name is K. Thilini Kawshalya. My school is Mr /methodist c.c. Mygmail address is But i have no computer at my home.I wish i had a computer with me,I could have learned Ict much more what at present.

Anyway I involve in Ict. We have run short of computers in the school computer lap,they have been installed in 2003 now they all outdated.

If you want contact me, you can do it via my teacher. his email address is

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The temple flower

The temple flower is  very beautiful.It is white and yellow in color. It  has five petals.T he petals are round in shape. The flower is small. There are red and yellow  temple flower.Temple  has a good smell.The  petals  are soft.  people offer this  flower to lord Buddha.

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The dog

The dog is  a beautiful.  It’ s colour  is  brown.  It  can  run  fast. It like   eat meat and  fish.  It has a  bushy tail and  sharp  teeth.  It  play  with  me. It is  in  a cage.  It  protects us  and  our  house.

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Pots   are  made of   clay. pottery is a  living  craf  that  relates  very   much  to the life   of  sri  lanka. small  votive  lamps, graceful  water  jugs,  decorative ornments and  vorious   cooking  vessels  of  clay  are  very  popular.  Even  though  there  are  many  new  ideas in this  field many  potters  still employ traditional  metods.

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Kataragama   festival  is  held  in   august.    The  statue   of   god  kataragama   is a  very  small  city .   Lots  of    sri  lanka  go  to   kataragama  during   the  season.    some  worshipers  dance  in   the  proce ssion  with  kawadi   on   their    shoulder.   It  is   to  show  their   devotion   to   god   kataragama.   A  special  kind   of   music  is played  for  ”  kawadi” .  The  devotees  call  cut   to   the    god,   ”haro  hara”.

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My friend

my  friend  name  is  raveena.   she  village   is  kongala.   raveena  favourite    drink  is  milk .    she   father  name   is   rohana.   raveena favourite  colour  is  green.   she  school  is  methodist  c. c.    she  grade  six .  she  country  is  sri  lanka.  she  11year  old.

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