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The Animal Kindom

Most animal live in their own particular habitar.Some live in the  water, others in forests. deserts, plains, and mountains. Some Spend most of their time in the  sky and others underground, burrowing and digging their home inside the earth.A few like cats and dog live in our home with  us and are our special compantions. What most of us do not think of is that  animals live in our hearts, because we are all connected in a my mysterious way.


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The Bee

The bee is a clever in sect. it is not lazy.It work

hard throughout the-day.  if flies from flower to sucks nectar. The  bee builds a bee

hive it  produces honey It is very nutritious.

It is used in many medicines.

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Sri  Lanka  has been famous  for gemstones from  the  earliest times.  It is an important  exporttrade today.  M any areas  in the sabaragamuwa province  are well  known  forn  gems. Rathnapura  is the most  important  region  for  gems. Rathnapura means the ” city of gems”.  It has  gems  museums  displaying  the  wide  range  of  gems,  available in  the  country.

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My mother

My   mother  name  is   y.A mallika.  she  verry beautiful. she very  king.  mother favourite  colour is  pink.   she  favouritedrink is

she  village  is  kongala.  she mother  name  is    soma  she age is 41.  I love my  mother.

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The penguin is a board found only in antarctica. The arctictern is a bird wich lays eggs in the far.North during the brief arctic summer. It the migrates to the Antarctica during the northern winte.

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The rose

The  rose  is    very   beautiful   flower.   It   smell  sweet.  The  rose has many  petals.  The  are  soft.  Rose  are   in  many  colour. Tere are  red, yellow  and   white  rose  in our  garden.  We  offer  rose  to  lord  buddha. my sister puts  rose  in vases.  Butteflies   fly  around  the  rose.  we    all  like   roses  very  much.

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My school

My  school   is methodist  central colleg.   It  is  an  Isuru  school .   It is  a  big  school  in  hakmana   division,  mulatiyana  zone.  There  are  a bout   1000 students    and   fifty teachers.  There  are many  buildings. There is  a  computer,  lab, a  libry ,a  playground   and  a  shrine  room.  I  wish   my  school is  very beautiful.   I  love  my  school.goto out  E-  village

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