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The temple flower

The temple flower is  very beautiful.It is white and yellow in color. It  has five petals.T he petals are round in shape. The flower is small. There are red and yellow  temple flower.Temple  has a good smell.The  petals  are soft.  people offer this  flower to lord Buddha.


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My friend

my  friend  name  is  raveena.   she  village   is  kongala.   raveena  favourite    drink  is  milk .    she   father  name   is   rohana.   raveena favourite  colour  is  green.   she  school  is  methodist  c. c.    she  grade  six .  she  country  is  sri  lanka.  she  11year  old.

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my self

my name is kumaraga thilini  kawshalya.  im grade six  my  school is  mr/ methodist sentral  collage.  my village is kongala. my best frined is  raveena.  i am eleven  years old.  myfavourite  subject is  english.  my computer clase  sir name  is wasantha. my food is mango.  my favourite colour is pink.  my mother name is  mallika.  my father name is favorite  drink is faluda .myambition to be docter.

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