The bicycle

The bicycle  is a very popular vehicle in  Sri Lanka.  It is a eco- friendly machine. It  is a also user friendly. It does not  pollute the air.


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Polar bear

Polar bear is the largest  meat eating  animals in the world.It is a powerful swimmers. It has a layer of blubber to prevent from freezing.  It has hairy soles on feet.  It can run of  the  speed of  38.k.

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The Bee

The bee is a clever in sect. it is not lazy.It work

hard throughout the-day.  if flies from flower to sucks nectar. The  bee builds a bee

hive it  produces honey It is very nutritious.

It is used in many medicines.

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Doctor is very important person. He works in the hospital. He prescribes medicines. He is very kin. He does a good service.

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Hans Brinker

Hans Blinker  was a  child  hero.  His  father  was a  sluices.He was 8 years  old.  He protected his county    from water.  All the  was  very brave  and  sensitive  we  are  pound of him.

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Train  is the  longest  vehicle in sri lanka.  It has many compartments.  There fore it can  carry  many  passngers.  There slow  trains  and  express trains. Trains stop only  at railway   station.  Train run on railway  Train   is  powerd by  coat, stearnor  diesel, Magnets and dectricity.Train  is verry beautiful.

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The dog

The dog is  a beautiful.  It’ s colour  is  brown.  It  can  run  fast. It like   eat meat and  fish.  It has a  bushy tail and  sharp  teeth.  It  play  with  me. It is  in  a cage.  It  protects us  and  our  house.

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