Joyce Kilmer

Joyce Kilmer was an  amarica poest. He was also a journalist,literary critic, lecturer and on editor. He wos a prolific poet. Who celebrated the common beauas well as well  as his religious faith.His best know work is the poem ”Trees”.


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Help me.

My name is K. Thilini Kawshalya. My school is Mr /methodist c.c. Mygmail address is But i have no computer at my home.I wish i had a computer with me,I could have learned Ict much more what at present.

Anyway I involve in Ict. We have run short of computers in the school computer lap,they have been installed in 2003 now they all outdated.

If you want contact me, you can do it via my teacher. his email address is

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Sigiriya is a

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The Animal Kindom

Most animal live in their own particular habitar.Some live in the  water, others in forests. deserts, plains, and mountains. Some Spend most of their time in the  sky and others underground, burrowing and digging their home inside the earth.A few like cats and dog live in our home with  us and are our special compantions. What most of us do not think of is that  animals live in our hearts, because we are all connected in a my mysterious way.

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Hortan Plains

Hortan Plains is  situated in the Highaland of the central province 32km from Nuwara eliya. This is the highest plateau in the  county.It is  at a height of about 230metres.This was discovered by sir Robert Horton.  The park which in 3160  hectares was decared national park in 1988.

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Sinharajaya rain forest

Sinharajaya is a tropical rain forest. It is a world heritage. It has aheavy rainfall throjghout the year. There is a rich bio –  diversity. There are many vaieties of plants and animals.We have to protect sinharajaya.

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The temple flower

The temple flower is  very beautiful.It is white and yellow in color. It  has five petals.T he petals are round in shape. The flower is small. There are red and yellow  temple flower.Temple  has a good smell.The  petals  are soft.  people offer this  flower to lord Buddha.

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